Imported bearing lubrication and operating principles

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From the beginning, imported bearing designers through choosing the right bearing for different application to extend the service life of bearing used and equipment performance. This process should consider many factors, such as load, rigidity, bearing life prediction, running environment and so on.
The criterion, all bearing before installation should be in their original packaging. They need to stay in clean, no moisture, relatively constant temperature environment. Rolling bearing should stay away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shaking and vibration may be forever on the mechanical properties of the damaged bearing, thus in the process of disposal and storage required to prevent vibration.
Ultimately, all imported bearings required degree, due to some of the heavier bearing long upright, deformation may be due to the weight of itself. Coated with grease in advance (or sealed) bearing needs special attention, because the grease will change after long time of storage density. So when the bearing is used for the first time, there will be a certain level the rotation of the noise.
Therefore, the placement of the bearing time should be according to the first in first out the criterion to control. During normal operation, how to moderate bearing stop smooth bearing in the care and maintenance is also nots allow to ignore a important link.
Oil bath lubrication is common in bearing lubrication method, suitable for low, medium speed, bearing lubrication. Immersion in the slot, part of the bearing lubricating oil by the bearing parts of rotation, and then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest in the middle of the roller. Oil drip lubrication is suitable for need to ration oil bearing parts, drops of oil it is advisable to individual drop every 3 to 8 seconds, too much oil will make bearing temperature increased.
Walks in oil pump will be filtered oil to the bearing parts, after bearing lubricating oil filter cooling after use. Because circulating oil can take away heat, must make the import bearing cooling, therefore method is suitable for high speed bearing parts. With monotonous contraction by air sprayer and lubricating oil mixed form oil mist, radial bearings, can effectively make the bearing cooling airflow and can prevent the intrusion. This method is suitable for high speed and low temperature lubrication bearing parts. With oil pump nozzle shot into the bearing, the oil in the low pressure into the bearing of the bearing at the other end into the oil in the tank.
When imported bearing at high speed, rolling body and maintain frame with commensurate high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air in separate lubrication way is difficult to be sent to the bearing lubricating oil, the necessary spray lubricating oil with low radiation to bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed in the middle of the inner ring and maintain frame between.