Insert ball bearing unit installation considerations

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Set-contained spherical bearing of rolling mill and its control method for roll is cylindrical roller bearing in the harsh metal can occur in all occasions, mostly happens in large type bearing grease lubrication, and in the performance degradation occurred more often in grease base oil, almost does not occur when oil lubrication.
In addition, more easily occur during the winter, when under pure radial load, the radial clearance prone to big occasions, and takes different outer spherical bearing type size, easy to happen in a certain speed range, both continuous and intermittent.External ring raceway take special processing method can prevent the occurrence of roll ring, can choose this kind of bearing, if necessary or appropriate to reduce bearing radial clearance, the use of high performance grease and improve to suit the bearing parts of rigidity.
(1) the correct installation, for the use of insert ball bearing unit is very important.I hope you can in the later use with correct installation method.
(2) when installation, can according to its type and size, select machinery, such as heating or hydraulic method.When installation force to insert ball bearing, never can be passed on from a roller bearing ring to another bearing ring, otherwise it may cause damage to the race.But in any case, all can't knock directly bearing ring, cage, rolling body or seals.
(3) fixed bearing bolts do not tighten, let the set-contained spherical bearing coat rotation reaction in the bearing seat.Then good bearing bolts.Also installed on the same shaft, on the other side of the bearing and shaft turning laps, make automatic alignment position bearing itself.
Eccentric sleeve (4).Put on the steps of eccentric set set in the bearing inner sleeve, with the hand along the axis of rotation direction on tight. And then insert the small iron or standing up to the sink hole on the eccentric sleeve. Hammer along the axis direction of rotation of the small iron. Make the eccentric sleeve installation is firm, the socket head cap screw locking eccentric sleeve.
(5) to the shaft is installed on insert ball bearing unit before, you must first remove the bearing a coat of fixed pin, the shaft neck at the same time clean exterior burnish is smooth, and the journal oil anti-rust and lubrication (allows for a slightly bearings on the shaft rotation).
(6) coating on surface of the bearing and the bearing lubricating oil, put the bearing into the bearing seat.Then assembly good bearing with bearing on the shaft. Up to the required location for installation.Insert ball bearing dismantling skills maintenance method and the bearing installation of the main technical points of the bearing.