New bearing installation need to be cleaned before use?

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  Buy new bearing, after a lot of technical personnel to install directly.However, it can also be the new bearing to clean again after the first use.So, before you install the new bearing, is must wash first?
Because of the cleanliness of rolling bearing life and the influence of vibration noise is very big, therefore, some bearing must be clean with clean petrol or kerosene carefully, then coated with clean, high quality or high speed high temperature lubricating grease should be used.However, fully enclosed bearing is not clean fuel.
  Here a brief introduction to select the general principles of the grease to you.
  Grease made out of base oil, thickener and additive, different types and different type of same kind grease properties vary widely, allowing the rotation of the limit, when the choice is important to note.
The performance of the grease is mainly composed of base oil, the basis of generally low viscosity oil is suitable for low temperature, high speed, high viscosity is suitable for high temperature, high load.Thickener and relationship with lubrication performance, thickening agent, water resistance to the water resistance of the grease.
  In principle, different brand of grease can't mix, and even the same thickening agent of grease, will also bring bad influence each other on the basis of different additives.
  note:  when using the new bearing installation, clean with special cleaning gasoline or kerosene, can delay the service life of bearing.At the same time after daily use, cleaning, maintenance, can maximum guarantee the efficiency of the bearing.