The lubrication of Angle contact ball bearings is discussed

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Angular contact ball bearing lubrication way have several kinds, and each horn contact ball bearing in the use of lubrication is not the same, so that more conducive to the service life of angular contact ball bearing to maximize, is the performance of the mechanical equipment is in a state of the highest efficiency
1. Oil lubrication:
Is an important characteristic of lubricating oil viscosity, viscosity directly affect the liquidity of lubricating oil and the size of the friction surface is formed between the oil film thickness, angular contact ball bearing working temperature of lubricating oil viscosity is usually 12 to 15 CST. The higher the speed, the lower the viscosity, and the higher the load. The commonly used lubricating oil is mechanical oil, high speed mechanical oil, steam turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil and so on.
Oil lubrication methods include:
A. Oil bath lubrication
Oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method, suitable for low and medium speed angular contact ball bearing lubrication, angular contact ball bearing part is immersed in the tank, the lubricating oil from rotating with angular contact ball bearing parts, and then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest at the center of the roller.
B. drip lubrication
The lubricating oil is suitable for the contact ball bearing parts with the need of quantitative supply of lubricating oil. The drop of oil can be used every three to eight seconds. Excessive amount of oil will cause the contact ball bearing temperature to increase.
C. Lubrication of circulating oil
The oil pump will be used to transport the filtered oil to the contact ball bearing parts, and then the oil will be filtered and cooled after contact with the ball bearings. Because the circulating oil can take away some heat, the Angle contact ball bearing is cool, so this method is suitable for the angular contact ball bearing parts with high speed.
D. Spray lubrication
Using a dry compressed air, mixed with lube oil mist, injection Angle contact ball bearing, airflow can effectively reduce the Angle contact ball bearings and prevent impurity invasion. This method is suitable for the lubrication of ball bearing parts at high speed and high temperature Angle.
E. jet lubrication
With the oil pump, the high pressure oil is fired through the nozzle into the Angle contact ball bearing, and the oil in the Angle contact ball bearing is connected to the oil groove at the other end of the contact ball bearing. In high speed rotation angular contact ball bearings, roller and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air with general lubrication methods are difficult to be delivered to the angular contact ball bearings in the lubricating oil, use the method of high-pressure jet spray the lubricating oil must be taken to angular contact ball bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center.
2. Solid lubrication
Used in some special conditions, adding a small amount of solid lubricant grease, such as adding 1 of 3-5% molybdenum disulphide can reduce wear and improve the compressive strength heat-resistant ability, for high temperature, high, high vacuum, corrosion resistance, resistance to radiation, and the special conditions such as extremely low temperatures, the solid lubricant in engineering plastics and powder metallurgy material, can be made with self-lubricating properties of Angle contact ball bearing parts, such as the solid lubricant with adhesive bonding on the raceway, cage and rolling body, lubrication film formation, has certain effects on reducing the friction and wear.